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Troy and Catalonia

Spain needs Odysseus´s cleverness and his courage. Where is he? Who is he?
Is there a man like Odysseus in Spain?


Control of Dardanelles Strait (Hellespont). Access to the Black Sea (Pontus Euxinus) by the Trojans. The War between Trojans and Greeks in year 1300 B.C. Troy is situated in the current country Turkey.



Catalonia and Basque Country have control of the borders between Europe and Spain.

In this year 2014, a political and economical war is taking place between Basques and Catalonians separatists and Spain.


Troy and catalonia. Characters

King Priam who was the King of Troy, just like Jordi Pujol who was the former President of the Catalonia Government. His sons Princes Hector and Paris of Priam, are exactly like Oriol Junqueras and Arthur Mas. 

 King Priam of Troy vs. The Former President the Catalonia Government

The Princes: Hector and Paris. Prince Paris goes to fight against Menelaus King of Sparta vs. Oriol Junqueras Leader of ERC Party, y Artur Más President of  the Catalonia Government

Aeneas, the The Prince of Troya , Anquises and The godess Aphrodite´s son, all of them from the Dardano lineage.

Aphrodite and Apollo protected Aeneas when he was attacked by  Diomedes The king of Argos, Aeneas fought against Achilles and he was saved by Poseidon. The Roman Emperors said that they were the descendants of Prince Aeneas. 

Albert Rivera wants to create a Dynasty like King Priam did.

Prince Aeneas vs. Albert Rivera Leader of theCiutatans Party in Catalonia

Helen of Troy is Esperanza Aguirre the former President of  the Madrid Government, who has ascendants from Basques and Catalonians.She admired the catalonian people, and at the same time she criticizes them. She has been the sexiest woman in the Kingdom. She was insulted by H.M. King Juan Carlos during a dinner while she was defending The Freedom of Jimenez Los Santos´s journalist.

Helen of Troy vs. Esperanza Aguirre former President the Madrid Government

The Argentinian Embassador has told his friends, what happened during the dinner.


In the mass Capital we have:

The King Juan Carlos the first, who is Agamemnon The Argos King, who is the leader in the Greek expedition against Troy.

Agamemnon killed a holy deer and alter that he boasted about it hence he was punished by The Goddess Artemis (Zeus and Leto´s dauther). She was the Hunting Godess , and in Roman is called Diana. In his way to Troya The Argamenon boats were stopped due to the fact that Artemis decided to stoop the wind. What did Agamenon do to recover the wind? What will King Juan Carlos do in order to go same direction as the wind?¨

Agamenón and Menelaus vs. The King of Spain and the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who has lost Esperanza Aguirre as The king Menelaus losted Troya´s Helen

Gallardon is the Achilles fighter. Patroclus who was killed by mistake during a combat due to Prince Hector thought he was Achilles because of his Armour. Achilles decided to take revenge, because of Patroclus death. Meanwhile The Goddess Thetis ordered Hefesto (Vulcan) to make new armament for his son. Pratroclus was incinerated by Achilles.


Achilles vs. Alberto Ruiz Gallardon. Minister of Justice

Alejo Vidal Quadras Member of European Parliament for Spain is like the soldier Patroclus. He believes that he is able to conquer Catalonia with using the Constitution as his Armour.

In the Constitution Article 155, it said “Any autonomous Region that fails to fulfil the Law will be punished”
Alejo (Patroclus) was incinerated by his friend Gallardon (Achilles)
Patroclus and Achilles vs. Alex Vidal Quadras. Member of European Parliamen for Spain,  is Patroclus

Everyone who has read “The Iliad”. Achilles died ten years after of the beginning of the Troyans War. In the movie he is inside the Troyan Horse with Odysseus and dies inside Troy while was protecting Brieseis.  An arrow in his ankle hurted him very badly, and then he died.

TheTroyan Horse in Troy Movies

Troy  had  very strong Walls, the best Archers to defend  and the protectión of the God Apollo. Then    it was not possible to conquer it. After ten years of siege. So the Greeks thought up a stragegy to pass through the gates. By building a Wooden Horse   The  Greeks  abandoned their position let the Horse like a Present to the God Apollo. The Trojans take the Horse into the City to offer  as a Gift to the God Apollo. Odysseus was inside the horse with his soldiers, when the horse was inside the City they jumped out the horse, opened the Doors to the City so that the Greek army could enter to the city and conquer it. The Trojans were defeated and Troy was conquered and destroyed.

Troya was impenetrable because they were protected by the walls, the best archers and the God Apollo. In Catalonia the walls correspond  to the Catalan Language, the Archers  to the Catalan Police and God Apollo to King Juan Carlos I. The Catalan separatist feel protected by King Juan Carlos and the Spanish Constitution.

 The Spanish Constitution was a “letter” made from the King, Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez (Torcuato Fernandez Miranda King´s Tutor was dismissed because he refused to accept that Spain would be divided  into Autonomous Regions, Regions and Nacionalities. Nobody knows in Spain the meaning of this word, but the separatist define it as a nation without a State. Catalonia has never been a Nation, it was first part of the Kingdom of Aragón and for the las five centuries has formed part of Spain. 

The Constitution was not created to protect the Spanish sovereignty but an agreement which increase the power of Nationalists people and the political parties and exclude “The Spanish Country”

Ther Constitution is destroying Spain. It allows the Catalan language to invade part of the country. It would be better to destroy this Constitution and create a new one which define a Political party where the protagonist would be the “Spanish Country” as in Europe and the U.S.

It would not have been  possible to conquer Troy without Odysseus, ¿Who is Odysseus in Spain? ¿And where is he?. Does he Exist?  ¿Does Spain have a man like Odysseus? We would like to..but we do not.

ODYSSEUS, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! We ask and request you to conquer Troy with all your care and persistent, and then you can leave and go ahead to Ithaca to look for Penelope who will be waiting for you. Troy
Troy  (griego antiguo: Ἴλιον, Ilion, o Ἴλιος, Ilios, y Τροία, Troia, América: Troia y Ilión; hitita: Wilusa o Truwisa;  Turco : Truva) era una ciudad, tanto fácticos como  ... / wiki / Troy _ (película)
Lengua,  Inglés  ...  Troy  es una película de guerra épica 2004 escrita por David Benioff, dirigida por Wolfgang Petersen, y basado libremente en la Ilíada de Homero. Está protagonizada por Brad Pitt  ...
Glauco  - Helen of Troy  - Eudoros  - Çanakkale

1.    España  - Simple  Inglés  Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre / wiki /España
España  es un país en el sur de Europa. Es en la Península Ibérica, cerca de Portugal y Gibraltar. Francia y el pequeño país de Andorra son en su lado noreste,  ...
Historia de España  - 16 y 17 del siglo  - Religión  - Geografía de España


1.    Príamo -  Wikipedia , la enciclopedia libre

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Príamo era el rey de Troya durante la guerra de Troya y el hijo más joven de Laomedonte. Los eruditos modernos derivan su nombre del compuesto Luwian Priya-muwa-,  ...
en. wikipedia . org / wiki / Jordi _ Pujol_i_Soley
Jordi Pujol  i Soley (pronunciación catalán: [ʒɔrði puʒɔɫ i suɫɛj], nacido el 9 de  ...  Flag en Inglés ) a pesar de estar previamente prohibido por las autoridades españolas.
. en wikipedia . org / wiki /Hector
Ir a  grande  guerrero  de Troya  -  Hector  amonesta París por su suavidad y lo exhorta  ...  Por todas las cuentas,  Héctor  era el mejor  guerrero de  los troyanos y  ...  lo que Robert Fagles  traducido  como "el terror de cabeza invencible ', y un' maniac ».

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Artur Mas  i Gavarró (pronunciación catalán: [ərtur maz i ɣəβəro];  ...  su licenciatura de la Universidad de Barcelona, ​​y es fluido en  Inglés  y Francés,  ...

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Albert Rivera  Díaz (nacido el 15 de noviembre de 1979, Barcelona) es un abogado y político del catalán y ascendencia andaluza española. En la actualidad es el líder de la  ...

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En la mitología griega,  Helena de Troya  (en griego, Ἑλένη, Helene; pronunciado  ......  En la película  Inglés  versión de Kung Fu Hustle, The Beast apodado pregunta si son  ...

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De  Wikipedia , la enciclopedia libre  ...  Esperanza Aguirre  y Gil de Biedma, condesa de Murillo, Grande de España, DBE  ...  Habla con fluidez el  Inglés  y el Francés.

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Juan Carlos I  es la corriente  Rey  de España. El general Francisco Franco nombró a Juan Carlos como el próximo jefe de Estado en 1969. Se convirtió en  rey  el 22 de noviembre  ...
Lista de jefes de Estado de España  - Princesa María de las ...  - Reina Sofía de España  - 23-F

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Mariano Rajoy  Brey nació 27 de marzo 1955) es el Primer Ministro de España, elegido el 21 de diciembre de 2011. El ha sido el líder del Partido Popular desde 2004.

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En la mitología griega,  Agamenón  ( Inglés  Pronunciación: / æɡəmɛmnɒn /;  ...  "muy firme") era el hijo del  rey  Atreo y la reina Aérope de Micenas, el  ...
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Aquiles . De  Wikipedia , la enciclopedia libre. Saltar a navegación, búsqueda. "Aquiles" vuelve a dirigir aquí. Para el emperador con este nombre, véase Aquiles (emperador).

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Alberto  Ruiz - Gallardón  Jiménez (nacido el 11 de diciembre 1958) es un político español y ex alcalde de Madrid. Un incondicional del conservador Partido Popular (PP)  ...

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Patroclo . De  Wikipedia , la enciclopedia libre. Saltar a navegación, búsqueda. Para otras aplicaciones, vea  Patroclo  (desambiguación).

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Porción Publicado  julián García-Notario Nuño 

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